Degree Programmes

Degree Programmes at Department of Management Sciences

With the mission to impart the highest quality of education to its students, producing knowledgeable, technically savvy, and internationally competitive graduates, Department of Management Sciences offers cutting edge degree programmes.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA (Hons)

BBA program is specially designed to meet industry requirements in a changing global corporate environment and provide the graduates with right tools that allow them to achieve their career objectives. Being highly-regarded, the program opens up a world of opportunities for graduates who wish to develop a career locally or internationally. The Bachelor program (BBA) has a particular emphasis on technical, quantitative and leadership skills of the graduates and provides an effective balance of theory and practical application. The BBA program also prepares graduates to proceed onwards to a more targeted Master’s program in the fields of Business Administration, Management Sciences, Project Management, Quality Management, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Human Resource management and Social Sciences. The program is focused on three major areas of specializations:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management

Postgraduate Programs

Masters in Business Administration – MBA 1.5 Years in Finance, Marketing & HRM

The MBA 1.5-years program is designed to promote overall administrative capabilities, including deep insight, creativity and a broad perspective through a blend of classroom teaching, industrial projects and applied research. Such capabilities equip graduates to analyze situations and propose creative and systematic courses of action, and develop and implement strategies for future growth. The MBA Program offers lucrative career options to both experienced professionals as well as fresh graduates. The program is offered with both course- and research-based options.

MS (Management Sciences) in Finance, Marketing & HRM

MS in Management Sciences program is designed to prepare graduates to become well-versed in contemporary business & management practices and research. The program focuses to produce business & management leaders with the moral depth and intellectual intensity, indispensable to meet current & future challenges. The program provides a blend of classroom teaching, industrial projects and applied research experience to stimulate lifelong learning. The program is offered with both course- and research-based options.

PhD Management Sciences (Finance, Marketing & Human Resource Management)

The PhD Management Sciences program provides high quality management education to business scholars and is designed to disseminate morally intensive, intellectually rigorous, culturally relevant and globally acknowledged management scholarship. The PhD Management Sciences program is offered as integration of “Coursework” and “Supervised Research Thesis”. The course work is focused to enhance learning of management theories and practice and develop a state-of-the-art comprehensive skill base required to undertake research thesis. Research thesis focuses on high quality research work to contribute to the existing body of knowledge in management and business administration, while addressing local, national and international business and management problems, issues and scenarios.